Single Parents

Clueless People Trying to be Nice

So today, we had a visit from one of my former church group leaders who is as sweet as can be. Anyway, she asked if LO's dad had seen her yet and obv I told her no. I had some discush with her and told her I looked at him signing his rights away if he wanted nothing to do with her but no can do. She said I shouldn't do that bc her mom wasn't really around and it would have killed her to know her mom did that. She also said I should still send ManChild a Father's Day card. UMMMMM no. I get it but no. ManChild is a POS who has done NOTHING and I'm not going to be nice and reward him with a card on Father's Day. He's a shitty sperm donor in my opinion.

PCOS // Loss 3/2010 // Single Mom // Natural Birth // DC Metro // Baby Girl Born 2/2/2014
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