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inducing labor

My sister is being induced tonight or tomorrow morning. This is her first child. I just want to know how long it can take after she is induced. I wish I could take off of work tomorrow but I cant and I can get to her only at 4pm. Im so sad.

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  • It really depends on the mom & the baby. It differs vastly from person to person. My friends went within two to three days. It took me a full week and then I ended up having to have a C-section because I couldn't get the last two centimeters. My LO was not ready to enter the world haha
  • I was induced Friday night at 5 pm with cervidil and pitocin and breaking my water saturday morning at 8. My baby was born Saturday at 430 pm

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  • KriztynKriztyn
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    Mine took 12 hours from the time I got pitocin to my Csection..
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  • There is no way to know. Realistically no one can answer this.

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  • I started pitocin at 6:52 AM water broke at 9:30 and baby was here at 11:32 AM! So it all depends on the person and baby.
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    56 hours for me.
    There's no way to predict it.
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