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Saw the heartbeat but...

We had our appointment on Tuesday and saw the heartbeat which was an amazing relief since we didn't' see anything last week. My progesterone is still lower than he would like, only going up 1 point, so he has upped my dosage level of the suppositories. I'm measuring about 3 days behind what I thought I would be based on my last period but my cycle prior to getting pregnant was weird so that makes sense. I'm worried because I started spotting this morning when I woke up, with a pretty good amount of brown spotting (the initial bit being a bit tinged red but only brown since then). I am trying not to freak out and the nurse thinks it is from the IV ultrasound 2 days ago since I'm not having any cramping. She told me to drink tons of water, take it easy today and update them at 3:30pm.

Please keep me in your thoughts, why can't this just be easy?

Re: Saw the heartbeat but...

  • I am so sorry about the spotting, it's so scary!  I also had brown spotting after my 8 week trans-vag ultrasound and went back a few days to get it checked out and it turned out that everything was fine.  I wish it could all be easier, especially when PgAL.  Lots of ((((hugs)))) hopefully it clears up soon.
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  • Sending T&P that the spotting is 100% normal. Could be from the u/s or also from cervical irritation caused by the progesterone supps. 

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    I'm sorry you are spotting-how far along are you? I had quite a bit of brown spotting/discharge up until 6 weeks, and it was definitely heavier after my 1st u/s at 5weeks4. 

    FX for you!!! Take it easy today and hope the spotting stops!


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  • I am measuring 6w 2d. I've had 2 ultrasounds so far and my next one is on Wednesday. The spotting is lighter since this morning, I think it seemed like more also because of the wax/oil from the suppository (sorry gross). I'm trying to stay positive, my heartburn just started in full force for today so I'll take that as a good sign.
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    ((Hugs)) hope the spotting resolves.

    Also, I'm pretty confident that the progesterone supps do not cause a change in your blood progesterone. So even if it's low, that doesn't mean the supps aren't working.

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  • Thinking of you and wishing you all the best!!!

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  • Praying that your spotting stops for good and that it doesn't return! Take the nurses advice and just stay hydrated and rest!! Keep us updated. Lots of ((hugs))

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  • haleyusf said:
    Sending T&P that the spotting is 100% normal. Could be from the u/s or also from cervical irritation caused by the progesterone supps. 
    This! I had brown spotting that started at 6 weeks and I was taking progesterone supps. The day after the brown spotting started, I went in for a u/s and later that day the spotting turned pink. The nurse had told me beforehand that sometimes those vag scans cause some light bleeding and not to freak out. FX it goes away!
  • Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!  I had alot of bleeding early on too, everything seems to be going ok for us! ((hugs))
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  • FX that the spotting stops. I know that any sort of spotting is scary. I am dreading my first ultrasound because I don't want any spotting like I had with my last pregnancy.
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  • Sending you lots of T&Ps!  ((HUGS))  FX the spotting stops.
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  • Sending lots of T&P and some (((big hugs))).
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