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I am currently 9 weeks pregnant today :) but I am very nervous.... I had a early u/s at 7 weeks 1 day.... And I few days ago I lost most of my symptoms except for my exhaustion. I recently started getting a little tenderness in the nipple area... Sorry if it's tmi. But food adversion is back also.... But tomorrow I have another check up and I am going to request another u/s because my first miscarriage wasn't detectable until my first u/s at 12 weeks when they told me my baby had no heart beat and stopped growing at 8 weeks and I had to have a d&c. The second miscarriage was at
Home where
I began to bleed a week before my ultrasound.... I have been super emotional and terrified today about tomorrow.... I keep telling myself everything will be okay and my boyfriend is super positive about this pregnancy which is wonderful. But I am still worrying and probably won't sleep well knowing tomorrow is the day that can break me down again or make me very happy.... Idk how to calm my nerves except to see my baby's heartbeat again!

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    Oh, I am hoping you see a strong little bean moving around in there tomorrow! Thinking about you!
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    It's especially scary waiting for an appointment. Symptoms come and go though, and hopefully you'll get wonderful, reassuring news tomorrow. Good luck!!
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  • Symptoms can come and go but don't help with PGAL brains. FX for your appt today. Keep us posted.

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  • First tri and pgal is so hard!!! As pp said symptoms come and go but I hope your doc can give you some positive reassurance tomorrow - wishing you the best!!

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    Welcome and congrats!  I'm sorry that you are struggling, but just take it one day at a time!
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  • Welcome and congrats! I am in agreement with PP that vanishing symptoms can be hard to handle along with PGAL brain. My mmc was exactly like yours so I understand your struggle. Big (((hugs))) and good luck tomorrow at your appointment.


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  • My symptoms did the same thing around 9 weeks. It's a huge mind game and doesn't help PgAL brain as PPs have said. Also, I'm pretty sure there is very little that's considered TMI here ;). GL today - let us know how it goes!
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  • Hoping you have a great appt today!! Big ((hugs))!
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  • Good luck today!  Fx for a great appt.
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  • Sending many positive vibes your way. I hope you have a wonderful appointment today!

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  • I just wanted to chime in and say that I had the least amount of early pregnancy symptoms with this LO than any of my other pregnancies. It was a total mind fluck, but everything is good so far.  Ask your doctor if they would be willing to let you call in for a Doppler check from here on out when you are feeling uncertain.  It's part of the TLC plan for mom's with multiple losses.  It's outlined in the book Coming to Term.  It really helped me to have a plan, and for my OB to be onboard 100%. 
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  • Thank you all I made it! They gave me a quick ultra sound to make sure! Two weeks ago it looked like a grain of rice now my baby looks like a big potatoe! Heart still beat which calmed me down! We will be welcoming this baby December 24! He or she will be the best christmas present ever!
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