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Intro/question about GMO foods

hi everyone - i recently decided to make a lifestyle change for both myself and my children with a majority plant-based diet that really just revolves around a lot more fruits and veggies, along with eating foods that are GMO free and organic. Basically I am just trying to cut down the processed foods that we ingest and limit the things that really are not good for us. Obviously I realize there are always going to be times when it's ok to bend the rules - I will never be the parent who won't allow her kids to have a cupcake at a birthday party or a special occasion, but fatty meats, processed foods and Oreo cookies are not something I want my children eating daily or even weekly for that matter.

My in-laws watch the kids 1-2 days a week (one afternoon and then one full day) and usually bring along a lot of unhealthy snacks that they give to our twins (Oreo's, cheddar Goldfish, vanilla wafers, etc). All things I really do not want them eating. Although my MIL does give them fruits and stuff, she believes in treating them. I understand it's a grandparent thing, and I am not trying to take away the fun stuff (like going out for an ice cream every now and then) but I really feel strongly about this processed foods thing and I'd like them to know about it. My MIL can be a bit difficult and somewhat judgmental, if not a little bitchy. Any ideas as to how I can get my point across without making it seem like they're wrong and I'm right?

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Re: Intro/question about GMO foods

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    Maybe help educate them on why the stuff is bad. I think it's a real eye opener for people.. there's a lot of good documentaries out there like Unacceptable Levels. Even watching the 10 min "10 Americans" is a good start.
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