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New Introduction

Hello all!!!! Just left my first US and found out we are due January 4th. So officially 7 weeks 3 days preggo....can't wait to go along this experience with all of you guys. We already have one son Camden and he is 7 months old. I know we didn't waste anytime for the next one!!! So happy!!!

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  • katagskatags member
    I think you're looking for the January 2015 board. Congrats!
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    [Deleted User]bethughknee
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  • @bethughknee Our babies are OLD!!  They go to college next week!

    thelittlepearBabychuubethughknee[Deleted User]
  • @bethughknee Our babies are OLD!!  They go to college next week!

    I 2nd this!! Can't believe pretty much all of us found out we were preggo over a year ago already!!!!! Time sure does fly but I wish it could slow down a bit

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