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how far apart are your ultrasounds

so very exciting we saw the heartbeat at my 7 week appt.  But I saw the heartbeat last time and lost the baby at 8 weeks. Therefore my anxiety is thru the roof.  My next ultrasound isn't for 3 more weeks.  I just thought that was odd considering my history.  Last time I had no idea we lost the baby. Went in for routine appt and found out.  Im just freaking out that these 3 weeks will feel like months.  I thought they should be checking more frequently. Am I wrong?
Also the heart beat was at 120.  The tech said thats fine.However when I look onlne that seems to be at the low spectrum.

Re: how far apart are your ultrasounds

  • I'm sorry, PgAL brain is awful and weeks do feel like months in the beginning.  

    With this pregnancy, I had a first ultrasound at 5 weeks because I was bleeding.  Because it was too early to see much of anything, I had a repeat viability ultrasound at about 6.5 weeks.  After that, my next ultrasound was the NT scan at 12 weeks.

    My OB generally only does ultrasounds at 12 weeks if you elect for the NT scan, and at 18-22 weeks for the Anatomy Scan.  They will do an early viability ultrasound only if the patient has a medical history that indicates it.

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  • Heartbeats start out slow and then go up and up and finally level out. So that heartbeat sounds normal to me. My LO's was 128 at 7 weeks. I had ultrasounds at 7 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks (NT scan), 13 weeks (urgent for sudden bleeding), 19 weeks (anatomy scan), and then 28 weeks (L&D visit for decreased fetal movement). I'll have one more in 2 weeks (36 weeks) to check position because she's sideways right now and then possibly another if she's still sideways as I approach my due date.

    Those waits in between appointments and ultrasounds are soo tough!! (((Hugs)))

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  • UGH! I am going through the same thing right now- the waiting is so hard. I lost 2 pregnancies last year and am currently about 14 weeks. My doctor did an ultrasound early on to confirm the pregnancy and all was OK then a couple of weeks later I asked for them to do another just to ease my mind and they did. Right now I'm waiting for for my 4 month checkup next week and the wait is still killing me. I'm trying to be patient and hold out because there is no indication of anything wrong and everyone keeps telling me I'm over the hump.
    I think if you are really worried talk to your doctor to go in earlier just to check - they should be able to do that for you. Once a month checkups is normal but for those of us with losses it's a million years!
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    I also lost 2 pregnancies last year. This time I had us at 6, 8, 12 (NT scan) and 19 weeks (anatomy scan). Nothing after that!! My doctor doesn't seem to be too concerned and since I can feel the baby I am ok with it (although I am getting a bit anxious now). If you ask for it I am sure the doctor won't have any problem on give you an extra one for piece of mind. In fact, after we couldn't see the sex in the anatomy ultrasound, my family doctor offered to give me another appointment but I gently refused since it wasn't a "necessary" one. I rather ask for them when I really need them... 
    About the heartbeat I think is perfect. My first son had the same and he is perfect :). With this one was 168 and I thought something was wrong with it!!! :)

    Good luck :)

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  • I'm sorry you're going through this anxiety. Being PGAL is no picnic! I also think how many scans you have in first tri is dependent on your doctor. Mine had a miscarriage in her past, so I believe she might be a little more sensitive/understanding to the whole PGAL brain thing. I also had 2 subsequent early losses before this current pregnancy. My doc had me come in for a u/s when I was in weeks 6, 9, and 10. I would've gone in probably at 8 weeks instead of 9 so there wasn't that three week period in between, but I went on a little vacation instead. Either way, the waiting between all the appointments felt like an eternity! Only now is the wait starting to get less difficult, and I'm at 17 weeks. Hang in there!

    Also wanted to add that I agree with the PP's who said to maybe ask your doctor for extra first tri scans for peace of mind. My baby was perfect at all my scans but my doctor kept having me come in anyway for peace of mind. She knew I'd be freaking out otherwise!
  • My u/s at 7wks showed a heartbeat of 120 (baby measured 6w4d), so I was right there with you. My 10wk u/s showed a heartbeat of 164, so big improvement. Try not to worry. Maybe see if they will bump you up a week so you can get in at 9 weeks instead of 10? 

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  • I had two early ultrasounds at 6 and 8 weeks, then I didn't have one again until 20 weeks. I think there might be one more later to check growth, and that will be it. 

    Most of my appointments early on were doppler checks. Now, they also measure fundal height (measuring my belly) on me to determine if the baby is growing.

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  • This pregnancy I had many through my RE (6 weeks, 7 weeks, and 9 weeks).

    At my first OB appointment at 10.5 weeks they couldn't find the heart beat on the doppler so I had a quick one then and also opted for the NT at 13 weeks. I will then have my anatomy scan at 19 weeks. I've definitely been spoiled with ultrasounds but it was because I went through an RE due to recurrent loss and then opted for the NT. My OB did offer me one in the third trimester which I will most definitely take her up on.
  • My ultrasounds were approximately 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks (NT scan), and 18 weeks. I would not have had one between 10 and 18 weeks if I did not have the NT scan.
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    I had one at 6 weeks because I was with an RE. I just had one at 8 weeks. I will have the NT scan at close to 12 weeks. Then I'm not sure how many after that. I think there is one at 20 weeks, but not sure what happens after that. 

    Yea 4 weeks does seem like forever, but honestly I get so stressed out before each appt it's probably better this way.

    (Oh and the NT scan is optional, if I didn't want the testing done I would not get an ultrasound at 12 weeks)

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  • I had one at 5w5d for weird discharge/spotting and only saw a sac. At 7w we saw our LO with a great hb. I had to wait until almost 13 weeks for my NT scan. Then my anatomy scan at 20w. Unless there is a medical reason, I won't have another one. I am starting to think that baby may be breach so I may end up with one if my OB feels it's necessary.

    I know the waiting is so hard and complete torture!! I hope that these 3weeks fly for you!

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  • I had a viability scan at 6 weeks (due to prior ectopic), a dating u/s at 10 weeks (standard for my OB's practice), the NT scan at 12 weeks, and have had growth u/s every 4 weeks since then. If they weren't monitoring me with the growth scans, I would have just had the first 3 and then the anatomy scan at 20 weeks.
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