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2nd tri... What's it really like?

Hello mama's!!

Anyone in their 2nd trimester and still sick? Or did you give up the pregnancy sickness for headaches?

My pregnancy sickness has seen to have finally settle down, sadly though it's been replaced with headaches and dizziness. Does anyone have anything they take for headaches? The dizziness it by far the worst! It happens mostly when I'm at work as I'm on my feet pretty much all day, once I sit down depending on how fast I get up, i can get the spins...

Anyone else feeling this way?

Re: 2nd tri... What's it really like?

  • With previous pregnancies I had dizziness during 2nd tri. My doctor told me it was okay to take meclixine(Dramamine). It worked pretty well for me. I hope you feel better soon.

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  • I felt sick off and on until about 14/15 weeks. I did start to get headaches at the beginning of 2nd tri. I don't get dizzy so much as light headed on some days. I try to sit and rest when I get light headed until I feel better and make sure to get up super slowly.
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  • tylenol and a little bit of caffeine can help with the headaches. the caffeine dilates the blood vessels so it eases the strain on your body to pump all that blood. 

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  • Thank ladies!!
  • I didn't have terrible first tri morning sickness, but it was still present. When I hit second tri, there was this weird period between 13-15 weeks that I would have these truly awful gagging/dry heaving spells while brushing my teeth. It wasn't nausea, just gagging that led to dry heaving. It would also come on when I yawned really big. I found out later you get this lovely post-nasal drip in second tri, so I'm pretty sure that's what caused it.

    Headaches are pretty wicked, too. If I don't have a cup of coffee in the morning my headaches are just unbearable! I had avoided caffeine all through first tri and at around 10 weeks my nurse warned me the headaches would be coming soon. She was actually the one who suggested I go ahead and have that cup of coffee or can of soda every day to keep them away. It works wonders!
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