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One more question (GC) Info... thanks!! (pos ticker trigger)

Hi, sorry to be a bother here.

Im trying to get everything I need together in order to become a GC  =)


I called my Dr's 'records' dept to ask about getting a copy of my records and she asked 'what part do you need'? well great question, umm...... im not sure!

So, my question - Do I need the Entire enchilada, or just that which pertains to my previous pregnancies? She said that if I were changing Dr's they would send the file to the new Dr  free as a courtesy but if I want to go in and get it or part of it, it's going to be 50 cents per page. So. im not sure what a clinic or agency will want to see. Just the entire thing?


Thaks so much for everyone's help!

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Re: One more question (GC) Info... thanks!! (pos ticker trigger)

  • No bother! Fire as many questions as you want.

    Can you call a couple of agencies that you are considering using and ask what part of your records you need?
    I personally would just get everything. I think its a good idea to always have a complete set of records in your possession. Medical history is incredibly important.

    Good luck! 
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  • I had everything, but mine was a flat fee of $20.  There was no charge when I had them sent to my first agency, then the agency just e-mailed me a copy.  IF you're already matched and know what RE you'll be using, you could have the RE request them.  Don't forget to call the hospital(s) where you delivered to get your delivery records.

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