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My LO is 8 months has had a horrible cough the past few days and gets it occasionally with his allergies! He's on Zyrtex for children but I swear the cough is so pitiful! Went to urgent care today and had a breathing treatment! Just wondering if anyone had suggestions to help with the cough??? Of course docs say elevation when sleeping and the humidifier (which we've been doing)

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  • DD had been coughing for the past 2 weeks, especially at night. Sometimes she will have this coughing fit, wake herself up poor thing. What helped us was to put few drops of saline water in each of the nostrils. Apparently the mucus drains down the throat and can cause coughing. Saline water helps to wash it out.
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  • In addition to what PP said, I've been putting baby vicks on lo feet and then putting socks on. It has helped.

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  • In addition to what you are already doing, I recommend filling a bathroom with steam from a shower and sitting in there with your little one.  I also use baby vicks and keep it open by the crib (where baby can't touch/grab it).  Keep pushing the fluids, as well!  
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