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weight gain and feeling yuck

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Hi ladies... Sorry if this is one of those "again?! Another weight post?!" posts... I just need to vent to someone. This has been a struggle for me my whole life. I've dealt with body image issues forever, despite being teeny tiny (and now realizing that when I look back at photos!!!) .  Needless to say, being pregnant without the typical "you're more beautiful than ever" that I assume people get when they actually have a loving and supportive BD has been really hard on self esteem and everything. (Btw, we are still no contact and going strong!!) I just walk around feeling like a whale or a house, and I'm only 14 weeks. I AM up 14 pounds though, and am still exercising 4-5 days a week for 45 minutes... Am watching what I eat for the last few weeks (most of first tri was impossible due to aversions to everything except bread and cheese).  I started out 5'2" and 100-104, very active, teaching HIIT classes 2x a week (second job), MMA 6 days a week, and running 20-30 miles a week... first tri was a wash and I had to cut back.  I am personally worried about the weight gain for health reasons too, not just aesthetic reasons... But my OB just says "You were probably too tiny to begin with, don't worry about it"... 

Any suggestions on either slowing down the gain (I am just now at 14 weeks and started eating 200-300 extra calories a day, so I'm terrified I will balloon now), or dealing with my body/accepting it, and being ok with how I look instead of breaking down in front of the mirror?

I'm aware this sounds totally vain, but my body image issues have been around since I was 14... never manifested in any kind of eating disorder, but still a struggle nonetheless.

Thanks in advance..
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Re: weight gain and feeling yuck

  • I've struggled with being overweight my whole life. When I got pregnant and started to balloon, I actually didn't let myself get to worked up about it. I got HUGE but I spent a lot of time meditating and doing some yoga. But my BD told me that he didn't want this baby because he didn't want my body to change (amidst several other illogical excuses). And, you know what? I came to really REALLY love myself, my body, and the BEAUTIFUL life that I was supporting. Being on the opposite side of what you're going through, all I can say is love yourself and the amazing things your body is and can do for you and this LO. Also, the picture. :)
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  • Well now that im home after school and grocery shopping and getting to see my new niece. Im here to say.

    I understand. Ive battled annorexia, bulimia, and compulsive over excersise for a little over a decade. And it is hard to gain that pregnancy weight. My advice. Stay away from.the scale. When your at the doctor ask to be weighed backwards and not told your weight.

    Eat smart, and excercise smart. Dont eat crap for those extra calories. My sister knows i struggle with food so.she loaned me her mayo clinic guide to pregnamcy and they had a greatchart showing the best things to eat amd how much while pregnant. Focus on protein and calcium. Eat more smaller meals and snacks through out the day

    Dont over excercise. Go for a long walk, or a run. Something to help you feel good. Dont worry about keeping the weight down.

    But also right now, youve got a lot of bloat. I stalled out on weight gain around that time.

    And finally remember, your growing a little life in you, your body is going to.change a lot in the next few months. Embrace it, own it, love it.
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