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I posted awhile back about my son's possible PDD dx and what that means with the new DSM.  Well, I have spoke to the Dr. and received the ADOS results.  His dx is Autisic Disorder.  She explain over the phone and in the report that his dx is under the old DSM and they are in the process of switching to the new and at that time his dx will be ASD.  We have talked to the local ABA clinic and our insurance will cover it and since he had two surgeries last month (tubes in his ears and one in his tear duct) we have met our deductible, which is pretty high.  So, that is good news.  We got the ADOS report a couple days ago and I am having a much harder time then I thought I would.  I guess just seeing it in writing.  I have always thought very positive about DS's future, but now I keep thinking of the what ifs....like what if I can never have a conservation with my son...ect.

Re: Dx Autisic Disorder

  • greyt00greyt00 member
    The future terrifies me.  I am the worrywart type so it's better if I just don't think about it.  Not as in a don't plan and prepare sort of way, but don't just worry and worry about things I cannot control.  Manage the present.  I'm sorry you are dealing with this but very glad your insurance covers ABA.  I hope they won't give you any trouble.

  • @wife07mom09 I have private insurance though my employer.  Anthem BC/BS and I have a HSA.  The ABA clinic contacted insurance and since we met our deductible, insurance will cover therapy 80/20.  I contacted our HSA company and we can use our HSA to pay the co-pay.  I don't know if that helps. We haven't started yet so hopefully it goes smoothly with insurance.

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