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Hello ladies. I'm Juan, and I have a 31 month old daughter named Catalina. When Catalina was 5 months old, her mother and I split up after I found out she had had many, many affairs, and divorced 1 month later, and we had 50/50 custody. But on March 22th of this year, Catalina and her mother were in a car accident, and though Catalina survived with only a few cuts a bruises, her mother unfortunately died two days later, and if I'm being entirely honest with myself, I'm struggling.

At the moment Cat is going to grief therapy, and has been back in daycare for the past couple of weeks for an hour or so a day. I re-start work on Monday, though, which means Cat has to go back to daycare full time, and I'm terrified about what will happen there. She doesn't mind going to daycare for a couple of hours as she does just now, but she's terrified that if I'm not at home when she's there, I will forget to come and pick her up, and I know this will only get worse when she goes full time and when I'm at work.

I just feel so guilty. Her mother's parents have been really great, and look after her whenever I need a break, but they still both work and I can't ask them to look after her for all the hours I'm at work. Everyone tells me I'm doing to right thing, but it makes me feel sick whenever I have to leave her somewhere else, and she looks at me like she's going to cry.

Sorry this was so long, I just had to let it out.
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Re: Hello?

  • I am so, so sorry for you and your daughter's loss. You're doing the best you can and your daughter will know that when all is said and done.
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    Definitley praying for you and your little girl. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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  • Im sorry for your and your daughters loss. It will get better for you both and time will help her heal. You are doing all you can for your little girl and that is admirable
  • Oh my goodness that is so so sad.
    I wish I had advice to offer but I can offer you sympathy and support.
    What does her grief counselor say about daycare? And are you seeing someone yourself (you definitely should be)?
  • I'm so sorry for your loss, and your daughter's loss. You are doing the best you can, so try not to beat yourself up. I don't really have any advice for you, but you and your daughter are in my thoughts. Lots of hugs
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