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Fuck it Friday!

We haven't done this in a while... Have we?

I am just not happy today! The weather is bi-polar.  Don't get me wrong, I love it outside (it's snow/raining), but today is just not a good day for me! My back has been hurting me so bad, and I am not sure why.  Every morning I wake up, I feel like a 70 year old with an arthritic back. And, it's all my lower back, it makes it so hard to bend over to pick up and to lift DD out of her crib! The mattress is new(ish) but the same firmness of my last mattress which was great, but now I'm wondering if (since my body has changed because of DD) now I need to get another new mattress? Ugh! I don't have that kind of money! This is how I've been feeling the last couple of days:


I also have a wedding that I'm going to and I've been trying to find a sitter so I could go get my nails done (I don't want DD around all that smelly stuff, and what would she do at a nail salon anyway?).  The Bride-to-be is like "how is it so difficult to find a sitter?".  Umm... Because it is.  A) You can't just call anybody, it has to be someone you know and trust and that your kid knows and trusts. B) They have to have an open night, too.  As much as they may love your kid, they're not going to break their own plans just so I can get my nails done. This kid isn't theirs and they have a life. C) I know I have become some sort of asshole in your mind, but this is how things are when you have a child.  Just wait. You'll find out.  And then imagine what it would be like if daddy wasn't there to help. It's harder. Thanks for judging.


Anyway, I just don't want to go to this wedding anymore.  It was such a huge deal to get a sitter, and find an outfit, and now deal with someone who gets mad that I can't do things with her anymore since DD.  I just can't drop everything and go out anymore.  And it's almost impossible to do the things she wants to do if I brought DD with me.  I'm done. Ugh!

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Re: Fuck it Friday!

  • Yes, let us control the animals! They can clean and we can kick back, right? That'd be awesome.
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  • eg214eg214 member
    LOL. Although this is a fuck it Friday, the memes crack me up.

    My fuck its aren't really massive fuck its.

    I woke up feeling like a mac truck hit me despite LO giving me a great nights sleep. By great I mean still waking up to eat 2-3 times a night but sleeping on her back so I can keep her in bed with me. Lately when she decides to put her face in my bed and I move her to her P&P, she always wakes up, at 3am. 

    My allergies are starting to go nuts. I think LO has them too bc she sneezes in the AM/if we go outside too. The pollen is insane.

    Class starts next Monday, but I've already sort of tried to get going. This class blows balls. I'm going to have to find a sitter to watch her when I have to drive out to take my exams. I ordered all the books I needed, except the one I need RIGHT NOW. Way to go me.

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  • The stomach flu is devastating our household one by one. Angelica had it first, then my niece, then me, and then my sister caught it yesterday. My nephew is the last man standing but I don't doubt that he will get it before the weekend is over. (It's also taken down just about every single one of my friends and their kids too...crazy ass virus.)

    Because I have no sick time yet (kicks in in July) I had to take Monday off because I didn't want to be puking my guts out at work. Which means I had to make up the 8 hours I missed on Monday so I can still get paid. Which has thrown off DD's schedule totally, since we get home an hour later, and she doesn't really take well to changes in routine so she's been a real joy this week.

    My nephew (who is 7) has been having trouble sleeping lately and it frustrates the ever loving hell out of him...and I can't blame him, I get pissed when I can't sleep too. Last night, he was up until almost 1AM. My poor sister had finally passed out after being sick all day and there was nothing I could do console him, he just wanted his mom and there was nothing I could do about it. I felt so awful for the poor guy. 

    Tonight calls for tossing three kids in bed early and passing out on the couch.
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    Throwing leaves <3
  • Woke up late, and then i was late to school. I get to school and before i even have my station set up i am handed a ticket for a hair cut/color/thermal style and a manicure.


    I didnt finish this appointment till 3:20 when did i get a lunch? 3:30. And did i get to eat on my lunch? No, why? Because i had to fill out paperwork

    This morning i was 2 hours late. Not just because i woke up late, but becaiae my mom and i are watching the nephews while my sister and bil are in the hospital because sisyer had her baby this morning. So this morning while trying to get ready two year old and four year old hung off me crying amd begging me not to go. Four year old tried following me out to my car. So i gave up, got them dressed, got them breakfast and got them set up for the day before sneaking out.

    Fabulous parts of my day, my campus manager told me im a week from hitting master designer, and that if my stats stay the wya they are ill be anble to get a job any where i want. She also told if i wanted shed write me a referal and recomendation to one of the most prestiegous schools in the country.

    Oh and my mom got me mcdonalds
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