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teacher preschool gifts

I'm a teacher, so my kids go to daycare September-June.  DD is 4 but is in the oldest class.  She'll participate in graduation and sing the songs, but she won't be graduating, she'll be back next year.  Do we still get the teacher a gift?  If so what?

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  • When my daughter was in preschool she has the same teacher in the 3 year old room and then again in pre-k.  I always get the kids teachers end of the year gifts.  I do a gift card and a nice handwritten note. 
    DD~6 years old~born June 6, 2008 (1st grade)
    DS~4 years old~born November 6, 2010 (1st year of preschool)
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    I just gave target gift cards to four teachers for teacher appreciation week so I don't plan To give another gift when my kids move out of the room after Memorial Day except maybe something small.
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    I saw a cute idea on Pinterest with a planter and a card that says thanks for helping me grow. I'm with the PP- I just did teacher appreciation (and I work in a school), so I'm not looking to spend a ton of money.
  • As a side note, I found this website & though I'm not a teacher, I think all points made sound really valid. Obviously parents are free to give whatever they think means the most & would be appreciated & every teacher is different in interests but just some things to think about.

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