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Introduction and Advice!

Hello all!

I am the grateful and proud mother of a beautiful one year old. My husband and I are hoping to have more children but don't want to do so for several years. I have always been drawn to the idea of surrogacy and have begun the process by applying to an agency. Before we go much further I would love to get some advice from people who have been on both sides of this arrangement. I would be pursuing gestational surrogacy and not the traditional variety. 

So... let er rip! What should I know, think about and weigh before this train leaves the station??

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Re: Introduction and Advice!

  • Welcome!!

    Most adgencey will want you to be done having kids of your own first before you do a Surro journey.

    You should start looking at adgencey & there requirements to get started.

    Also another great web site is SMO, its not only for surros but IPs as well. Its a great site lots of info.

    Best of Luck!!
  • Welcome! Thanks for being willing to do this!

    We are IP using a GC. We knew her because she was a co-worker of mh.

    One thing I will make you aware of, it is a hurry up and wait kind of a process. Our process went pretty quickly, but it still took from October (our first meeting with GC and her husband) until February when we transferred.

    It took us that long to get through the medical, legal, and psych appointments.
    Feel free to chime in with questions as you proceed though this process.
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    FET #2 February 2013, no embies survived thaw
    IVF #2, BFP #2, Loss #2 March 2013, Scar tissue discovered, RPL testing,
    IVF #3, BFP #3, Loss #3 (twins) September 2013
    Hostile ute, moving onto Gestational Carrier!

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    6w u/s 1 bean with h/b of 145 bpm, 8w u/s 187 bpm
    EDD 11/7/14. Please, please, please stick little one!

    Praying unceasingly for a miracle. ALL welcome!


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  • DEFINITELY don't do surrogacy if you're not finished having your own children.  I know plenty of surro's that have lost their own fertility carrying for someone else.  

    Also this is SUCH a huge subject, do you have any specific questions? Do you have health insurance?  Does it have a surrogacy exclusion?  Make sure you know exactly how you feel about termination and selective reduction in EVERY/ANY situation.  What are your thoughts on carrying multiples?  What state are you in (some are friendly, unfriendly, nearly illegal, and undefined)?  If you have specific questions feel free to PM me, I could write 10 pages on the "basics" of surrogacy.

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  • It's awesome that you're willing to be a surro!  I have no advice, but good luck!
    Me: 33 (Mosaic Turner's Syndrome/POF) 
    DH: 35 (no male factor)
    3/10 - Foster Mr. T for 1 month
    3/11 - Foster AL for 1 year
    7/11 Known donor retrieval 7 fertilized 
    7/11 DE Transfer -BFP & 5 FE
    4/9/12 Miracle baby girl arrives!
    Planning for FET 7/14

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