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Hi Moms! i have not been on here in waaay too long. i see many new names and a few i remember from way back. I just wanted to come back, say Hi and give an update on baby K and I. K is now almost 3 years old and doing amazing! she is in dance class and will hopefully be starting preschool in the fall. 

 Her BD is still not a part of her life and has probably seen her 5 times in the past 3 years.  child support is still a constant battle and although he is verrry far behind i have just recently started seeing consistant payments come through ( its about time)

I am working full time which is always a struggle but we are closing on our very own condo this week!!  also after 3 years of being mostly single i have finally found a good guy who appreciates me AND baby K!! 

the single mother journey is not easy but i am finally seeing the results of hard work and positive thinking!  i havent and will not let K's BD bring us down


Happy Thursday!


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