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Michiana questions

Hello, ladies. My husband is in the final interviews at a Michiana company (near Syracuse). We currently live in the Cleveland area, so obviously, this isn't going to be too much of a change. Just wondering, what are some good areas to check out for living and where should we avoid? Any help or tips on the area is appreciated. We have a one year old and a three and a half year old and I will be a SAHM. TIA.
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Re: Michiana questions

  • I'm not sure exactly where you'll be but I would say don't live in Syracuse.  I worked there for 4 years and it's a TINY town with nothing in it.  As a SAHM I would think you'd be very lonely there especially if you're coming from a place with an actual population like Cleveland.  Goshen isn't far from Syracuse and probably the "biggest" town in that area, there would be things for you to do and parks to get to with your kids.  I would say to stay away from South Bend/some parts of Elkhart, the crime rate is much higher there.  I live in Warsaw which also isn't super far away, it's nice here but smaller then Goshen, any area around Syracuse will be a little bit of an adjustment from Cleveland, it's pretty out in the country :)  I hope this helps!  Feel free to send me a PM if you want any other info!
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  • I'm in warsaw and love it. But I love to be home and doing things around the farm so if that's not you I would definitely recommend Goshen as well.
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  • I'm in Goshen/Dunlap are and there is plenty to do and a lot close by. Concord school district (where my son goes) is better IMO than Goshen but both are great. Goodluck
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