37 weeker 10 years after a 34 weeker

i had both my babies preterm due to preeclampsia. with my first i also was leaking fluid. so that was an emergency c-section. this more recent one was just my bp and protein levels. they were both breech which is why they were both c-sections. my 34 weeker (who is now 10) was in the nicu for a month. it was an emergency c-section and he was wisked right away to the nicu. i couldnt get out of bed for 2 days. i think my recovery was worse after that one than this one. was diagnosed with hirschprungs disease while there. and had the corrective surgery..which is why his nicu stay was so long. i could not breastfeed him i had a hospital grade pump and i pumped for 6 months. i wish i would have enlisted the help of a lactation consultant then. this 37 weeker..will be term this coming sunday. :) luckily we did not need the nicu this time around. we had a scare and thought we might. he did not pass the carseat test and also failed it in the carbed. he kept desaturating his oxygen levels. i almost had a meltdown. was afraid i would have to leave him in the nicu. i was very lucky this time. i got to do kangaroo care with him as they were sewing me back up. he was a little blue when he came out so it definitely helped regulate his temperature. i also think it definitely helped with breastfeeding. he is ALWAYS eating!! did awesome as soon as they had him in the room with us i was able to put him to breast. :) its been so long i dont remember a lot of stuff. anyone else with a 37 weeker wanna become online buddies let me know. :) or if you just need someone to talk to. breastfeeding is going good. i pump once a day at night when my husband does the midnight feed. half of it i put in a bottle for the midnight feed the next day and the other half goes in a bag in the freezer. i'm trying to stock up my freezer for when i go back to work. i'm hoping my dr will let me stay out for 10 weeks. i'm thinking that the fact that he was preterm will play a factor in that. i am nervous about when that time comes. i want to go back to work. but trying to find someone to watch him when i do...dont want to wait til the last minute.... 

Re: 37 weeker 10 years after a 34 weeker

  • Isn't 37 weeks considered term? Or does your doctor go by a different standard? At any rate, congratulations on the birth of your baby. Sounds like he was born April 27? My little guy was, too :)
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  • Holy wall of text.

    37 weeks is term. 35/36 weeks is "late preterm" and 37 is term. IMO if you don't need NICU time, you don't have a preemie. And I would be hesitant to say that a month was "so long" in the NICU for your 34-weeker. That was still before his edd. We've got people who are in for *actual* long times like 3-4+ months. Think about what board you are on.

    Also, a good doctor won't say you need 10+ weeks off work for what sounds like a standard c-section for a term baby. You should have researched daycares and maternity leave offered by your work before you had your baby, not waited until the last minute.

    Finally, this is a message board for mothers of premature children. You will have trouble finding people who have a 37-weeker because that is not premature. Try your month board.

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  • Glad your LO is doing well :)
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