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So, they chose us. We have a dinner date with them on Friday.  I am beyond freaking out. We literally were told it would be years. We haven't even been officially approved on a home study. 

sooooo, anyone done this? What do we say? wear? do?

*puts a paper bag over her head*
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Re: Break Neck Speed

  • Congrats! Just be yourself- wear what you'd normally wear. Don't stress over what to talk about. They will probably have lots of questions to get to know you- I went in with a list of questions that weren't on my daughter's AP's profile. I covered the big ones and we ended up spending the rest of the time getting to know each other and connecting over things we had in common. If you're worried, you could always go in with typical first date topics in mind. Also, the EMom may be eager to talk about her pregnancy. I know I was dying to gush about everything pregnancy-related in a happy context. Good luck!
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  • No advice, but that is so exciting :)
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  • Congrats! Just be the best version of yourselves that you can be. When we met with the expectant mom who went on to chose us we met at a restaurant, brought her some homemade oatmeal raisin cookies in a little tin (because who doesn't like cookies when they are pregnant) and wound up talking to her for hours and hours. We asked her a few questions- about why she was planning to place, about circumstances surrounding her pregnancy and about her and her family etc. And we shared as much as she asked us to share.

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    Squeeeee !! How excited! I get the emotions are a bit overwhelming but you will calm down when the meeting happens it will just be natural!! Good luck!
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  • We didn't have the same scenario, but I have heard that bringing a photo book or 2 suggested pretty often. That way you can share more about yourselves with something to look at.


    GL! You'll do great

  • That's exciting! We met with our match 9 weeks ago, we have since gone out to eat, went to an ultrasound appt, went maternity clothes shopping, and meeting again for lunch in a couple of days! It does get easier the more you get to know her, but boy were we nervous that first meeting! A wonderful, exciting, anxious, miraculous kind of nervous;) Congrats and enjoy!!!!!
  • This is great!!!! Take a deep breath. You'll be fine. Good luck.
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    YAY!!! Congrats!!!
  • How exciting!  Best of luck!
  • Wow, that's great news.  Congrats.  
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  • Our 1st visit with B-Mom we really tried to focus on her. We asked how she was feeling and basic but non prying questions about what her likes, hobbies etc, were. She asked similar questions in return. I also brought a bunch of candid pictures of family members, friends, vacation shots just in case there wasn't a natural flow to the conversation and we wanted her to get a better look into who was part of our every day lives.
    I would say definitely dress nicely but casually. I know this easier said than done but try and be relaxed and think of this as an opportunity to be supportive to someone carrying a baby. It can make the situation more stressful if you think of them as carrying YOUR baby.

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