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potty training

So I bought C a seat to go on toilet, but Im not sure how to start this process.  When do you put them on the potty?  How often?  And do you let them sit there?  I have her go to the bathroom with me when I go, and I say "pee pee and poopy" but not really sure how to do this?  Is there a good article out there or book?

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  • Our pedi suggested we start putting her on the potty at times when we thought she would need to go.  Then once she can associate the two, its time to try big girl panties.  If that doesn't work... stop and try again in a few weeks.  To me, that seems to simple.

    My mom gave me a book on how to do it in a day, but I haven't read it yet.  I'm not ready for PT yet!


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  • I'm in the same boat as you.  We have a potty and DD1 knows what it is (I think).  I'm going to wait a little while longer before starting (maybe July or August while I'm still home on maternity leave/summer break).  I normally change her diaper right before and after her nap so I might start with putting her on the potty at those times.   

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  • I've read the "Everything Potty Training Book" and it was a good overview

    I wouldn't say we've officially started potty training yet, but we've had her little potty out for a month or so, and she goes in it every day before her nighttime bath.  At first she just practiced sitting on it, and then occasionally she'd actually go, and we'd say "yay" etc, and now she pretty much goes every day. Sometimes I hand her a book or the roll of toilet paper or something to get her to sit for about a minute to give her a chance to go.  I occasionally put her on at other times I think she might have to go and I guess it right about half the time.  But this is just at home on weekends-- she's at daycare and fully in diapers  during the day.  I'm not sure when we'll try to scale it up and have her use the potty more regularly.  I think she probably COULD now if we were home with her all day and working on it, but not sure when/how to make the transition with daycare who doesn't have that kind of time.

    Interested to hear what others are doing

    oh, and does anyone have tips for how to discourage playing with the potty contents? LO is thrilled when she goes, but then sticks her hand right down in there immediately after.  Ick.


  • When is it a good age to start potty training? I let my daughter sit on the potty seat at 18 months she enjoyed playing in the toilet water and unravel the tp, I was happy she wasn't scared then I stopped not ready should I pick back up now at 20 months or wait tad bit longer
  • DD1 isn't ready yet.  She's not able to pull her pants down or say that she has a dirty diaper.  I think we're going to revisit it around Christmas when I have some time off of work. 

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  • We go the potty last week. LO puts her dolls on it. Occasionally she carries it around from one room to another. It has never been used. All in all, it seems like a great toy right now.
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