TTC before Preemie is 1 y/o?

Our first was born at 29 weeks due to my incompetent cervix, apparently. The original plan for DH and I was to start TTC again when DS was about 6-8 months old. Is this still a realistic goal? I go to my OB soon to discuss BC options. If TTC so soon isn't realistic (I want to be there for DS, especially if I need to help out with developmental delays), I'm thinking about getting another IUD. Otherwise I will stick to the mini-pill.
 What time frame did you ladies wait before TTC again? Any thoughts or advice is welcome.
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Re: TTC before Preemie is 1 y/o?

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    KTZ17KTZ17 member
    Is your ticker accurate, your DS is a week old? If so, I'd hold off on any hormonal BC, mini pill or IUD until your milk supply is well established (if you're planning on BFing). I have had a low supply since the beginning so my LC advised against any hormonal BC as it can affect supply. So that's my advice on BC. In terms of TTC when your DS is 6-8 months old, maybe get there and reassess. Since he isn't home yet you won't really know how you feel till you're in the thick of it, you know? Personally, my DD was born at 31 weeks and she was newborn-like for a while. I'd say it wasn't till around 5-6 months that she started sleeping better and being more interactive, but even so, I cannot imagine getting pregnant again when she was so young and demanding, especially with the exhaustion of first tri. Best of luck to you!

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    I saw my high risk doctor before ttc because they said I should after I had M at 32 weeks due to unknown reasons.  The high risk doctor said it was healthiest for new LO to wait until M was 18 months and at the very least, 12 months. I think this applies generally, and not just to me or preemie moms.  We started TTC at 11.5 months assuming that it would take a few months like it did for M and that we'd be close to the 18 month mark.  Instead, it happened on the first try.  So far so good, but I'm only at 20 weeks.  I took prenatal vitamins and ate pretty well during most of M's first year, and only breastfed until M was 9 months, so I think my body did have some time to build up some nutrients...maybe.  I am almost 36 and we have kind of thought maybe we'd want 3, so we didn't want to wait too long...but it would have been nice if M was a little bit older.  She is very climby now, and wants to be held, and that is not very good for sore old mom.  She doesn't really help with picking up toys and is still needy.  I think if she was a little older she'd be a little bit more into helping and a little more independent, 
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