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Skin condition - thoughts?

DS1 has had this for quite some time. It goes very pale to very red.
Doc said they didn't believe it was psoriasis or eczema. He had a yeast rash on his bum and they thought this might also be yeast, but the cream didn't help.

Has anyone else had to deal with a similar condition? (I hesitate to call it a rash). It's primarily behind his knees, but he has a few spots elsewhere on his legs.

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Re: Skin condition - thoughts?

  • Huh. It almost looks like heat rash. (Or as we say in the south, "prickly heat", lol.) Is it itchy?
  • Geeps2Geeps2 member
    I am no Dr by any means but it really looks like eczema to me.  My DD gets eczema and it looks exactly like that.  Here is a link from the Ask Dr Sears website that you may want to check out it is all about rashes.

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  • aglennaglenn member
    I agree, it looks like eczema. Both my kids have it. Have you tried putting hydrocortisone on it?
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