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Skin condition - thoughts

DS1 has had this for quite some time. It goes very pale to very red.
Doc said they didn't believe it was psoriasis or eczema. He had a yeast rash on his bum and they thought this might also be yeast, but the cream didn't help.

Has anyone else had to deal with a similar condition? (I hesitate to call it a rash). It's primarily behind his knees, but he has a few spots elsewhere on his legs.

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Re: Skin condition - thoughts

  • Hey @Chickie79‌
    The docs didn't think it was eczema. (My first thought).
    But we tried the hydrocortisone yeast cream on it when he had the yeast rash. It didn't help.
    Straight hydrocortisone? No. Not tried.

    He's got another appointment later this month. We will be asking their thoughts again, or for a referral to a dermatologist.

    He seems to be itchy sometimes, but that is a very recent thing. It seems more red lately too.

    It almost looks like a healing burn. :-/
  • beane4018 said:

    I have no idea what it is, but I find that hydrocortisone ointment helps pretty much everything. Get the highest concentration ointment, not the lower percentage cream.

    We had a prescription strength. :(
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  • DS1 has something very very similar. Behind his knees, inside elbows, and a few other places. Our dr also told me it wasn't eczema and it would clear up. She's been saying that since he was 6 months. We use aquaphor or aveeno and just started doing oatmeal baths. We have an appointment with a dermatologist on June.
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  • Both boys were diagnosed with eczema/atopic dermatitis and gave us hydrocortisone cream. The HC cream doesn't work all that great, but we were prescribed Desonide and it works wonders. It's in the same class as hydrocortisone, but somehow works better. Maybe look into that? Also, have you thought about atopic dermatitis? Some of the google images are crazy extreme, but M's looks almost exactly like what you posted.
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  • Thanks @+MeganS+ and @CCM82909

    I'll have a look at the pics CCM.
    I'm glad (kinda, in a weird way) that someone else has seen this sort of thing before.
    I can't even name all the creams/lotions/remedies we've tried.
    I'm going to look up Desonide. I know I've had to take a different 'version' of a drug to get results, so I can see a cream being the same way.

    Megan, I hope you get some answers.
  • I was prescribed Desonide while I was in labor with M. I swear that cream is a miracle. It works for everything. DH used it on what he thought was a rash from the chlorine in the pool, and it went away overnight. 
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  • DD gets weird bumps on her arms and legs, doc says its just dry skin.  I used Aveeno Eczema and it cleared it right up. I tried it because Aquaphor or hydrocortisone cream wasn't working.

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  • @SurpriseAt39‌ at his 18 month appointment she said it looks like eczema but to keep my derm appointment. I add 4-5 drops of Vitamin E to his bath, within 3 minutes of getting him out of the tub apply vit E with a cotton ball to the areas, and cover that with aquaphor. It does sewm to be helping already. Oh, and to keep up with oatmeal baths also.
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