Well, I guess I was just being crazy, we got word last night that we will be approved for our homestudy. Which is awesome.

The head of our agency called to tell me last night and I was all, this is weird but ok. Then she went on to say that even though we still have our last meeting on Friday for the homestudy, they have a family who have asked for a same sex couple so she wants our profile book stat to show them during the match meeting on MONDAY.  


Say what? there was a long awkward pause as I struggled to catch up in the conversation. So they are showing us to the couple on Monday, I will be rushing like a lunatic to complete the book in time ( read, stay up all night ) and this is just bananas. My emotions haven't actually caught up yet but I am trembling like a leaf.  
The couple is very young (17, 18) and already have a 10 month old, they are due in Aug.

I just cannot believe that we are even getting showed so soon after being told we would have such a long wait due to our same sex status.
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me:33 my wife:32      married in June '12
LONG road through IF ending in heartbreak and frustration.
Moving on to Adoption : matched 5/14! 
Our beautiful son was born August 25, 2014!! 

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