Ants in the Pants!

So, we are really getting close to becoming dual licensed for foster and adoption.  I have my individual interview tomorrow, husband had his medical check to finish (which shouldn't be a problem) and then it's just the final walk-through.  We could reasonably have a kiddo or two in our house within the next three to four weeks!

Sorry, DH is out of town and you are really the only other folks I know who really get the agony of waiting and excitement...fear...OMG what are we doing?

I'm just trying to breathe.  :)


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Re: Ants in the Pants!

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  • Eek!  I remember how it felt to suddenly be so close.  You just want to run around and tell the whole world, but there's not quite anything to tell yet, so no one else will get it.  Treasure the excitement.  
    Then take some deep breaths, enjoy the quite times, get any last projects you've been putting off done, because soon, free time is going to be virtually non-existent (at least until you are all settled in).
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  • We are in the very last stages of foster licensing, too and it's scary and exciting all at once! Hope it all goes smoothly!
    ***************************** Our beautiful daughter was born in October 2009. Turns out she was quite the miracle. After two years of TTC, diagnosed with DOR. A couple of failed treatment cycles later, we decided to let go of our hope for more biological children and explore adoption.
  • @CaptainSerious: Last night we had a quiet dinner at home and were just looking outside at the birds and the garden...realizing this may be one of the last times we have like this.  And although we know things are going to be different, I don't think you can fully prepare for it!


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    So excited for you! @lorifromwi
  • It is so exciting!! I totally get wanting to shout it from the roof tops. Take a deep breathe and enjoy the ride.
    I always wanted to be a mom, I just didn't know how I would get there.
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