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Safe Tick Repellent?

I just removed a deer tick from the shirt collar of my 23 month old. We live in a wooded area and it has me pretty worried. 

I don't want to cover her in deet, but thats the effective ingredient in most over the counter bug sprays. I use California Baby bug spray for other bugs, but it doesn't cover ticks. 

Does anyone know of a repellent that works, or a homemade recipe that is tried and true? I care about the products I put on her skin, but I also don't want her to end up with Lyme disease!

Re: Safe Tick Repellent?

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    pixieprincsspixieprincss member
    edited May 2014
    My Holistic Moms Network group just did a bulk order of this: We used this brand a little bit last summer and I don't have any complaints. It is made of essential oils. We've also used Herbal Armor, which was ok. It doesn't spray quite as smoothly as the Ticks-N-All, but it was easier to find (Whole Foods, Wegmans) and cheaper. 
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    Just saw that Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus is a good repellent and approved by CDC.  It's not as affective as DEET, but a healthy alternative. 
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