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Moving rooms at daycare

I know this isn't a need-to-do thing and it probably isn't even customary but I just LOVE the infant teachers and tomorrow is Addi's last day in the room. I want to bring/give them a little something. I was going to bring doughnuts or bagels for breakfast but not everyone likes that and I'm sure they all eat before work.
I know for sure I am going to write them a card but I want to do something else.

WWYD? Any ideas?
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Re: Moving rooms at daycare

  • I would think that getting to watch Addi is a prize in and of itself. But when in doubt, I say Starbuck's gift cards! I love when my students bring me those.


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  • Coffee gift cards (lord knows they probably need the energy to keep up with all those little ones) or pizza to the center.
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