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I'm finally getting help

After all of DH heart issues I have had multiple breakdowns, panic attacks, and trips to the doctor because I am sure I have cancer, or something terribly wrong with me. DH saw that this was serious and him realizing it, made me realize it too. I need help. I started feeling my neck, arms, etc. for lumps and of course found all sorts of stuff that freaked me out. I then made him feel and let me feel him to see if he had it and maybe it was normal. Yup, I need help. Today I went to the Dr for the "lumps" in my neck. She felt and said everything felt fine to her. I asked her for a psych referral. I will be going to see someone soon! I am relieved to start moving past this. I want another baby, and I want to enjoy our daily life. I am not enjoying everyday now because I am consumed with health problems. I was never like this before. It must be some sort of post trauma issue. I feel like every thought is about dying, health problems, not being here for my son and family, etc. Let me tell you, it's a terrible way to go through the day. But, hopefully today was a step in the right direction as I called a psychologist and am waiting for a call back to schedule. I just feel like we were hit by a bus, and thank God we did because he found out he had the aneurysm and it's fixed now. Now he is healthier than ever, I should be happy. But I feel like instead, I'm waiting for the next bus to hit us.
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Re: I'm finally getting help

  • LimaDLimaD member
    Good for you, I'm glad you are seeking help!
    I have had panic/anxiety attacks in the past. 4 times and they were the scariest things I've ever experienced. I honestly thought I was dying. It gave me a small taste of what you're struggling with. Good luck and I hope the best for you!
  • I am so happy to hear you are taking care of you.  I hope that it helps you quickly, even if it means a forever change, getting the itch of anxiety off you will be a big relief.
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  • tngrl3tngrl3 member
    Glad you are getting some help. It takes a lot of courage to admit there is something going on and ask for help. Hope things start looking up for you soon.
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  • Good for you!  This is definitely a step in the right direction for you.  Hope everything works out.

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  • I'm so happy to hear this. You have had a big two years. While having a baby and buying a house etc. are positive things, even positive change is stressful. DH's heart issue (aorta problem, right?) was such a shock, so scary and so stressful . I can't imagine what that is like. Recovering from the trauma of that experience takes time and work for sure.

    It takes real effort and self-awareness to come to the realization that you need assistance. You should be proud of yourself of making this move. Best wishes and if you are comfortable, keep us posted.
  • jg1011jg1011 member
    So glad you are getting help you need! That's a huge step! Your hubby and LO are lucky to have you... And you have a LONG life ahead of you together!

    Keep us posted on your journey!
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  • good for you! Quality of life is priority!
  • This makes me very happy for you. This step is the hardest. A good support system is the best thing that you can have. That includes a good doctor/psychologist. Take care of yourself.

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  • kbl13kbl13 member
    Happy to hear that you are taking steps to feel better, good for you!
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