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transitioning to toodler bed

We have not had to do this yet, but I am assuming we will sooner or later and I was wondering how it went for everyone else? How did you make it special or a big deal? DS1 will move into our old ikea queen size bed b/c I don't want to buy another bed, and the ikea bed is so low to the ground it is practical a kid bed. Did you buy special pillows or sheets to make LO want to stay there? Just curious about your transition.

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Re: transitioning to toodler bed

  • MollySmMollySm member
    We moved to a new apartment, and moved her to a big girl bed at the same time. We talked a lot about it, so she was excited. We took her to IKEA and she picked out her own duvet cover (after several talks about the colors of her room). She moved into my old full bed which is pretty high, so we got side rail things at BRU. We took her crib apart so it wasn't an option. So far she's done great with it! She moved in March and has never gotten out by herself at sleep times (though she does climb in and out while playing in her bed).
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