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Updated on ED

My IPs got me the update on the ED to me late as they got it late. They didn't get allot of details but she made it to her app today(thank God) they said everything is ok & we are moving forward. IDK what ok means & really wish my IPs new more. This is hard for me it must be ten times harder for my IPs which I hate. I wish I could do more & I can't & that sucks. Such a helpless feeling which I am sure my IPs feel during this whole thing & just makes my heart go out to them more. It's getting a bit of what they feel & makes me understand this journey a bit more. Just want this to work for them so bad to give Garrett a sib/sibs
We hope to know more tomorrow, fingers crossed
Sorry for the vent

Re: Updated on ED

  • Hang in there lady! You are very sweet and empathetic toward your IPs, and best to just trust something with the ED came up and now that things are back on track, just think about going forward and not looking back! (This helped me in my cycle with a delay, etc.). FX it's a great outcome!
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    Loss due to umbilical cord was perfect. :(
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  • I know I've said it before but I admire how dedicated you are to this process and your IPs! I'm sure they are very grateful for you. Hang in there, and I'm so glad that the transfer is still on. Fingers crossed!

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    9/29/13 - m/c @ 5w1d. :(

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  • Thank you Both :)

    Trying to not worry about it as its out of my hands & the stress is not good when trying to get PG here soon.

    @ Liz oh thank you!!

    Should have a update on the ED on Friday & maybe a better time gram for transfer as well.
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