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mom..mama..maa. mama mama mama maaaaa mamamamama

I thought this was a joke.. but holy mother of god it really happens... all the way through trader joes... until I threw some string chese her way..

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Re: mom..mama..maa. mama mama mama maaaaa mamamamama

  • Mine did it a few months ago for about a week. (Not truly directed at me, just making the sound)

    He then moved on to dadda dadadada...etc. last month. (Still not truly directed at anyone, just sound)

    Now the last week and a half we are getting nite-nite (about 20 times in a row), and bye bye (20 times).
    I'm thankful he is switching it up now.

  • K will do it for DH. If she sees his truck coming down the street, she starts yelling "Daaaad, Da-daaad!"

    It is unfortunately not a joke. :-S

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  • kbl13kbl13 member
    B likes to switch-up his "mama"'s with different voices (or octaves?).

    I get: mama (normal voice) mama? (high-pitched squeally voice) Mama! (deep, growling voice)

    repeat, Repeat, REPEAT >:P
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  • @kbl13‌
    I get the growling too. Sooooo cute!!
  • jg1011jg1011 member
    We get this too.... He is mama obsessed!
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