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intro to me as a newbie

Hello everyone. I am new here and wanted to give an introduction. My hubby and I have a beautiful 6 year old. She is my step daughter but we have full custody ad mom isn't in the picture. We have been having some behavior issues at school and home this year. She is in first grade...about to be finished for the year. Teacher states that she is disruptive and very distractable during class. We have huge tantrums at home over very small issues. We have tried the ignoring the fits and it has slightly helped. We have decided that she will not have sugar that isn't fruit for a few weeks and see how that helps. Also this summer we are going to try elimination diet changes to see if we can control some behaviors in that manner. We will also be talking to her pediatrician.

Re: intro to me as a newbie

  • Hi and welcome!

    Sounds like something is "up" with your daughter.  It could be that she's just testing the limits and looking for consistency because she's been through your H and her mom's breakup and her dad's remarriage.

    It's also possible that you're seeing the earliest school-aged kid signs of ADHD or some other learning issue.  Certainly your pediatrician is a good starting place to get the ball rolling on sorting out what's causing her to have difficult with behavior at home and at school.  Also, her teacher should be a goldmine of info and the school should have some resources for you.  My sense is that age 7 is often a turning point for kids.  Lots of kids are still sort of distracted and disruptive in kindergarten and the start of first grade.  Barring other issues, most kids begin to rein it in as they get closer to the 7th birthday.  Depending on where you live, if she's still 6 at this point in first grade, she may be one of the youngest kids in her class, and the expectations of the teacher may be that most kids have already matured out of this type of behavior you're seeing in your DD.  

    Anyway, sounds like you are taking action to get things figured out.  Welcome to the board!
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