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Para problem...tough it out or ask for a change?

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DS hasn't liked his classroom para from the beginning.  He said he doesn't like the way she talks to him (it sounds like she's very blunt/matter of fact).  I told him that I have co-workers that I don't particularly like, but that we have to work together to take care of patients, etc.  To me it's a "you're not going to get along with/like everyone" type of thing that he has to work through.  For the most part, it's gone ok for the year.

This past week, he's had a lot of extra math homework because he avoids the para by going to the bathroom or simply isn't doing the work when he is supposed to.  I'm sure it's wearing on him with the end of the year nearing.  I was talking to a co-worker and she doesn't think it's fair that DS had to deal with this at such a young age and that I should request a change of him not working with her or something. 

I did talk to his classroom teacher (who really enjoys DS) about the para early in the year.  She has worked with this para in her class for years and didn't have any concerns or insight about what I told her about DS not liking her.


Edit:  DS is 8 and in 2nd grade

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Re: Para problem...tough it out or ask for a change?

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    She's the classroom para and she works with all students during math groups and the like.  I tend to agree with you about an 8 yr old getting the work done when it needs to be done. 

    My co-worker seems to have had a bad educational experience because she wasn't diagnosed with dyslexia until very late.  She's my mom's age and has kids that are a little older than me.  She's also a grandma. 

    I didn't think I was being too much of a hard ass, but wanted input from others after my conversation with my co-worker.

    Wendy Twins 1/27/06. DS and DD
  • Practically speaking, I'm guessing it's too late to do much this year.  By the time the necessary meetings and rig-a-ma-role happen to get such a change made, you're probably looking at June already.  

    I think that learning how to deal with a less warm-fuzzy teacher is a great lesson for an 8 year old who is finishing up 2nd grade.  However, I think there's a way to encourage your son to do this without scolding him or being unsympathetic:

    I would suggest to your son that perhaps the way for him to avoid her is to be really independent with his math work.  Hiding in the bathroom and NOT getting work done is going to make him fall behind, and it's probably her job to pay more attention to kids who fall behind.  He may be able to cut back on how much he has to deal with her by working hard and staying on task.

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    It is late in the year and I'm sure that part of the problem.  I will suggest that to him @neverblushed.  He's good at math and enjoys it so it may help.

    Wendy Twins 1/27/06. DS and DD
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