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  • mstc83mstc83
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    Hello all! Married 10/2011 and pregnant with our 1st due January 12th!
  • Hi all! Not new just forgot to do an intro.. I have 3 gorgeous daughters ages 12,11,&9 thought i was done having kids but im very pleasantly suprised to be due january 31st!

  • kmf218kmf218
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    Not really new but never did an intro. I got married October 15,2011 (@mstc83 Great month and year!). Due January 20th with our first! Can't wait to find out what we are having! 

  • Hello! I reached the 12 week mark yesterday and expecting baby #2. My husband and I had our daughter June 2014. My EDD is 1/15/15.
  • Also new here! Due date January 19th! Super excited! This will be my first and I am nervous and excited all at once. Deciding if my husband and I want to know gender
  • Hi there! Newb here too! First baby and due on January 26, 2015 :)
    We're very excited and thrilled
  • amira2amira2
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    Hi new here due date jan. 29..#2 :)
  • Hi ladies ! Due January 10 with my first! A lot of emotions and wondering about millions of different things ! Here for support and input!
  • Hello ladies also new . Due January 8th with our 3rd .
  • Hi everyone! Due Jan 25th with our first :)
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    New here too! First time mom due Jan 16th
  • giacorgiacor
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    New here! Due January 31st!
  • Hi there! New here, due January 23. We found out 3 days after our wedding so it's been quite an eventful summer!
  • New here! Second time mom, due date is 1/28/15 :)
  • Pretty new, FTM, due 1/5/15

    Having so many issues with the siggy not working. Can't seem to get any help. The discussion link on the blog page isn't working, please update!

  • Hey new here 2nd pregnancy due 23/1/15 :D
  • New mommy here, first baby due January 16th! SO EXCITED!! Pregnancy Ticker
  • Newb here :)

    I'm pregnant with my first baby !
    Due: January 27 2015
    Unexpected but so excited ^-^
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  • New here...
    Due 1/31/15 with baby #2...
    DS #1  2/2010
  • New, due Jan 29, first time mom.

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  • New to the Bump with Baby #2 on the way!! Due January 13, 2015!! ❤️ So excited!!!
  • New here. First kid, very excited. Should arrive somewhere around Jan 10.
  • New in this forum. Second kid, due January 21.

    mm 2/17/11 * dd born 4/20/12 * bo 1/3/14 * edd 1/21/ 1/15 


  • Hello all.

    I'm not quite new here, but I'm just now introducing myself. 

    Just started week 14 today. 
    Baby EDD: 21 Jan
    I will be finding out the gender as soon as I can.

    I'm not big on using a lot of acronyms, so please don't get offended if I actually spell out husband, daughter, etc. It's just a personal preference. 
  • New here with Baby #1!!! EDD: 01-07-15 ❤️❤️
  • Hi all pregnant with my first little one. Expected to arrive 1/24/15.
  • navywife728navywife728
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    Hey everyone! I'm pretty new here and just discovered this forum for January 2015 babies. Awesome idea! This will be our first child, so I'm pretty excited and nervous. I'm due on January 19th, 2015. I can't wait to meet all the nice mommies on here!
  • Hey! New to this and so excited! This is baby number one! Due date is January 16th, four days after my birthday! Great birthday gift!!

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  • Hi Ladies I'm new to the bump, baby # 2 after 14 years so this is a truly a blessing for us, I am due January 11th
    [Deleted User]
  • Hi! First baby for me and hubby! Due January 3rd!
  • Hello ladies!! New to the bump, but not to motherhood... I'm pregnant with my 4th little sweetheart! I'm due on January 3rd. I have 3 boys and have been married for 12 years... (Wow, I feel old typing that out! Lol... I'm only 32) and we aren't finding out the sex this time... Looking forward connecting with you all.
  • Hi ladies glad to finally post! This is second baby! Due Jan 19/20..lol...ob said 20th , re said 19... Gonna ask again next appt:).. I had cp and two blighted ovum's after ds . He was born 3/27/12! So glad to finally post here!
    ***ticker warning*** DS 3/27/12 born 6 weeks early....my perfect boy !! Lilypie Third Birthday tickersLilypie First Birthday tickers [url=http://lilypie.com][img]http://lb1f.lilypie.com/z5R8p1.png[/img][/url] image<a href="http://www.thebump.com/?
  • Hi new here too. Edd jan 21 with # 2 find out the sex this Thursday , very excited.
  • I'll post here as well since I don't know how old the spreadsheet post is.

    Been a member of the bump and knot for a few years, but new to the forum.

    EDD- January 15th 2015
    Baby #2 ( have a 9y/o boy)
    Found out 08/29/15 it's a girl.
    Baby has an SUA, and I'm very worried, never heard of SUA before my scan on Friday.

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  • Hi! New to this group. I'm due with baby #3 on January 16th. I was active on TB and my BMB with my other two but have been too busy too join in so far this time around. My older son was 3 in May, and my younger son with be 2 in October. We're having a girl this time around, and she will most likely be our last.
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  • Hi everyone, I am new to this group! H and I are expecting our first baby on January 11! I'm super excited. ;)
  • Done, new here pregnant with our second , due jan 6th..
  • Hey.. I'm new to the group. Dues 1/23.. so excited.
  • Hello everyone,

    New to the group as well. I am due January 24th with my first baby. Can't wait to meet him!
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