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Happy Sunday ladies!

Is anyone couponing until their bundle arrives? This trend has never really sparked my interest until now. The thought of saving pennies on anything especially being a FTM I am willing to do it! So my question is...where do you ladies find coupons? Do I need to subscribe to my local newspaper? Help!

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    BBBradyBBBrady member
    I get our big city paper for coupons and I use the coupons.com app on my phone. They have pretty good grocery store coupons for cereal and those things. And I use the target cartwheel app if you shop at target.
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    I have been couponing since I had my son and I became a SAHM. I clip from the ads in the paper, print some from online, use target's cartwheel app, and my target red card. The best deals I find are when I stack a manufacturing coupon, a target coupon, a cartwheel deal, and then an additional 5% off with my red card. My target is a super target so I do most of my grocery shopping there.
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    I order the Sunday Boston Globe just for the coupons.  I used to coupon and I want to get back into it. 
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    I've heard of a site called coupon sense that gives you all kinds of coupons and tells you what stores have everything cheapest. I guess you can put in your grocery list and it will tell you the stores with the lowest prices.
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    I use the sites: Krazy coupon lady, living rich with coupons, and totally target. I also have 7 people in my house so I do buy 4 papers every Sunday, and have a small stockpile of non-perishables.
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    vrj0522vrj0522 member
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    I use couponsense too but sometimes find they are wrong so I supplement with other websites as well. You have to pay for couponsense so I share it with another 2 moms and that way you can split the cost. I also use krogerkrazy for our local Kroger store, and for Target I use totallytarget, Cartwheel and their website for coupons. As far as the newspaper goes, I get the Sunday coupons delivered for free. It's a service our local newspaper offers so check with yours to see if it's something that they do. I only get one copy per week so I mostly get my coupons online. If you have to pay for the newspaper, you can try getting it from the dollar store early on Sunday morning or call you local paper and try to negotiate the Sunday paper for $1/week. They are often willing to do so.
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    I used to coupon and the Sunday paper is a good way to start. Target.com also has their own coupons, plus cart wheel and the red card - which can take off a good chunk.

    But a disclaimer if you've never done it before. It works best if you buy in bulk and then have a mini-stock pile of what you use... So if can cost you a lot in the first few weeks when you're buying four toothpastes you don't need. In the end, I stopped because I threw so much away when it went bad.
    Just be realistic about what's worth it.
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