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Saturday Symptom Check-In

How are you feeling today?


GTKY: Weekend plans?

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Re: Saturday Symptom Check-In

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    MrsL2BMrsL2B member
    Feeling: I am so hungry this morning!

    Rants/Randoms: I had a little stumble in the parking lot on Thursday, and my ankle felt fine until late last night. This morning it's really sore. Grr.

    GTKY: This morning our neighbor is coming over to replace the starter in my husband's car, and in return we're having his family over for dinner tonight. So far we have no plans for Sunday, but I'm hoping we can go visit a couple of friends who just had a baby this week.
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    suprsuzsuprsuz member
    How are you feeling today? Hungry.

    Rants/Randoms:got up at 730 to let tge doogs pee. Allergies already kicked in today. Took benadryl, now ready for morning snooze. :)

    GTKY: Weekend plans? Lunch with the bestie and her little girl, clear out some spare room junk, and just chill.

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    How are you feeling today? TIRED, 

    Rants/Randoms: DD is now sleeping through the night again but waking up at 530am, she's been having monster dreams and apparently is now having dreams about shooting stars, sparkles and disney world. 530 needs to change to 7 am.

    GTKY: Weekend plans? we had swim lessons this morning, i just woke up from a cat nap, I wnat to go to the gym today and maybe go out to eat tonight 

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    Feeling: Good! I'm loving second trimester! Took me until week 16 to get rid of the nausea, but now at 18 weeks I have much more energy and about my only symptom is sore nipples. I thought I was supposed to be done with that by now?

    No rants/randoms for me.

    Plans: Deep cleaning and organizing today, because we found a bigger place and we are moving in just a little over a month. We have a lot to do before then!
    28 years old. Married 5 years.
    DD born Oct 2014 via C-Section (footling breech)
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    How are you feeling today: I am STARVING I could eat a Moose!!

    Rants/Randoms: None currently but if I don't get some food soon Its going to be some real beef!!

    GTKY: Weekend plans: DH and I are supposed to head downtown later to catch some of the bike race Carytown and Monunment ave always has really nice vendors :)
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    Feeling: pretty good. Slept in a bit so that made me happy.

    Rants: nothing major.

    Weekend plans: prepping for DH's grandmother party in two weeks. I hope she likes it because we are never doing it again!

    Married 10/06

    Baby Girl "C" arrived on 10/07/14 (39 weeks, 6 days)


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    narabugnarabug member
    Feeling - Pretty good except for some lower back pain on just the left that I think is sciatic nerve pain. Also sore nipples for the last week or two.

    Random - We went out to eat last night and my food tastes better as leftovers today than it did fresh. Odd.

    Plans - Working today. Church and then I don't know what tomorrow.
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    Feeling: horrible headache:(. It's like I traded barfing for headaches....

    Rants/random: my students are behaving like monsters and driving me nuts

    Plans: cleaning and grading
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    Feeling: blah and hungry
    Rants: I'm dreading doing this paperwork for work! Procrastination at it's finest!
    Plans: Relax and pray for more energy on Sunday!
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    How are you feeling today? Good!  Hungry!

    Rants/Randoms: Told my friends about the baby last night only for there to be 2 other announcements!  It was a little crazy. Like half of us there were pregnant

    GTKY: Weekend plans? Today I went shopping with my mom just to look at baby stuff.  It was a good time and she bought us a cute little baby toy.  I plan on just relaxing the rest of the night because I am TIRED.  Work tomorrow and maybe some cleaning.

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    Feeling: pretty good but super tired (see rants).. ive got a bit of a cough/cold from my kiddos

    Rants: my four year old was up all night crying last night that his back hurt and hes had a fever since monday or tuesday that has been 102-103.. took him to the doc on thursday cause I was worried about appendix with all the belly pain.. so this am husband called me at work and his temp was back up to 102 so to the er we went.. punkin has pneumonia and had to get an iv and the whole nine.. he felt a lot better after some fluids and a round of iv abx.. I felt so bad for the poor kid, thankfully they didn't admit us, but we were told to come back if his temp was 104 or higher.. so hopefully we have a restful nnight tonight :)
    Raves: husband is cleaning the house and said four year old is napping :)

    Plans: working tomorrow as long as everyone behaves overnight :)
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