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looking for lightweight 'soft' boys pants... any recs?

DS hates jeans and the cargo kind of pants that are made of stiffer cotton and loves fleece & mesh athletic type pants. Winter pants are super easy w/ fleece & flannel lined things but spring is harder... last year I found the mesh style at children's place but they're not carrying them this year and I'm having trouble finding him spring pants (that would carry into next fall) that are a relatively soft fabric... Old Navy had a couple pairs of khaki pants that were soft that I got but they're not great for just playing and going to preschool, etc,... Any recs? He is still in a 4T in most brands, he is very skinny & average height, maybee a little on the shorter side.

Re: looking for lightweight 'soft' boys pants... any recs?

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    My son isn't a fan of jeans either.  He likes these - light weight and easy to pull up and down. http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=69532&vid=1&pid=921286012
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    Have you tried Kohls Jumping Bean brand...? Their khakis are a "softer" fabric. DS used to wear the tan and gray ones when he was younger.

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  • Old navy and kohls jumping beans. I'd also try osh kosh.

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  • fredalina said:

    I was going to say Old Navy has thinner khaki type pants. Charlotte calls them "paper pants" because they are thin like paper. She buys from the boys section this year because they didn't have them in girls'; last year it was girls only. Who knows anymore? Here are the ones she wears all the time. They roll up at the bottom. "Man-pris"?

    My old navy was wiped out of those when I went but may look online
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  • I second the play pants from old navy that roll up on the bottom. My 6-yr-old loves them, and they don't make anything equivalent in the big boys section. American Apparel has lighter weight sweatpants, they're called California fleece, or their karate pants might be a good bet. H&M might have some good summer weight pants, too.
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  • Try Land's End Kids.  They sell boys pants with an elastic waist that are a lightweight twill.  While they're not a knit fabric, so maybe not super soft, they're not heavy like jeans or cargo pants.  My son is sort of sensitive about fabrics, and he really liked these.  

    I have tall, skinny kids and Land's End has always been a good bet for them.  If your son wears a 4T, but he's tall, he would probably fit in a 4 slim.  I believe 4 slim is only available online.  Larger "slim" sizes are available in stores.
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  • These are good, but they do sometimes run a little big in the waist. http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=97996&vid=1&pid=763422002

    I bought a pair of those roll-up pants from Old Navy and I can tell you that one good fall is going to tear out the knees. So I'm not really a fan of those.

    Carter's usually has some knit pants as well. I don't see the ones we have in store. It's rapidly getting too hot for pants here so most places have switched to mainly shorts for sale.

    DS2 also has these in a 4T as well.


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