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Woodward and Assocates?

Any experience with Woodward and associates?

Basically, I'm looking for a place that listens and is resectful. That'll wont jump right into induction and let me progress. My last one was Jumping to induction and with my bishop score of barely 3 and the fact they ignored having my due date wrong, caused me soo much anxiety. Thanks in Advance.

Re: Woodward and Assocates?

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    I'm not too familiar with that area, but the Google reviews look positive. Hopefully you can find a place that makes you more comfortable.
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    I was thinking about this more, I think you could call a few of the places that you have mentioned and ask to come in and meet with someone there and ask questions. Then decide which office you prefer.
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    I go to Woodward and love them!!! This is my second pregnancy and they were great the first time around (I delivered at 40w2d) and am pregnant with twins now. During my first pregnancy, they said we would talk induction if I made it to 41 weeks. They never tried to rush anything and always listened to my concerns/questions and took the time to answer everything.
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    Thanks! 41 weeks is good to know.

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    A friend of mine went to Woodward and had positive things to say about it. She was also about a week to 10 days late and didnt feel pressured to be induced.
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    I have been going to Woodward for almost 10 years. Now pregnant with my first and still very happy there. Several of my friends go there as well. They work with mothers and explain both sides of decisions. For the many tests and shots throughout pregnancy they gave me information on why it may or may not have been necessary and let me decide (first trimester screenings and tdap, for example).
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    One of my Co workers uses Woodward and lives it. I use women first and have not had any problems with them. I asked about induction around week 25 just to see what their policy was and they said not until 41 well they schedule unless there is a problem.

    Also I know they cover for each other too for some weekends and over nights. If all the times I've called, I've only had one where it was a doc from Woodward and the doc was great over the phone.

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