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Hiking Moms?

are there any other moms out there who like to hike and be outside? If so I am looking for another mom buddy (or a group of moms) to tackle some of this states great mountains. I am new at it, so starting slow with smaller peaks and nature hikes so do be scared off thinking i am some kind of crazy hiker. I babywear since my LO is still small so any age is welcome!

Re: Hiking Moms?

  • Me me me!!! Pick me pick me!  I wanna go hiking! 
  • Ooh this sounds fun! I also wear my LO when I can. He's 2 months old. What area did you have in mind?
  • I'd be intetested. I have a 9 week old. Just bought ergo carrier for baby wearing while at home during days. So I'm excited. cant wait to do thingS outside.
    i work Mondays and weekday mornings. Would be interested to meet up. I'm centrally located in concord
  • I am also interested when this vortex is over :)
  • I live in conway so I'd love to meet up for hikes with everyone's little one!
  • My 22month old and I are in Milford.  I've been told Mt. Monadnock is pretty easy and awesome.
  • PS...I work M-Th
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