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Newb question about pay

Hey ladies, my DH is in BMT right now and this is our first payday since he entered BMT. I know they get paid the 1st and the 15th, but when does is typically show up in your account. I checked our account this morning and there hasn't been a deposit yet. If it makes any difference he entered BMT on the 15th of April. TIA!
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Re: Newb question about pay

  • Should show up the day of the 1st or 15th. If you have USAA (and some other banks as well) and you have direct deposit set up you get paid one business day earlier (for example, H got his paycheck deposited yesterday). That's great for days when the 15th is a Monday, H gets paid that Friday. I don't know how long it takes for them to set the deposit up, it may be that his first check is paper and has to be picked up (I've dealt with that in other jobs), so he might need to talk to someone. At the very latest it should show up by tonight/tomorrow.

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  • Thanks! He is in the reserves, so I don't know if that effects anything. He has already had direct deposit set up for deposits from guard drill. Other guys in his flight have gotten their pay, so he should be getting paid this pay period. 
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  • If it doesn't show up, it may mean that he's that unlucky guy that finance didn't set it up properly or hasn't fully set up yet. I had this happen to me, but they usually straighten it out within a few weeks, and he will get back pay.

    Just keep an eye out--they've been really good about staying on top of this sort of thing as a whole service-wide.

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  • Finance can be a tricky b word when you switch from drill pay to BMT pay and then back again.  When I shipped, my pay was screwed up for 2 months.  Keep an eye on it.  If it isn't there by the 15th, let him know so he can get to finance.  
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