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FB friends say what???

I have several people in my feed up in arms bc they believe the Clippers owner is a victim of a violation of the first amendment!
I'm really not even sure what to even say about that.

Re: FB friends say what???

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  • That dope Matt Walsh write a blog defending him and someone linked it. That guy makes me really want to punch him in the throat
    DS 3.12.08
    DD 7.11.09
    DD 8.01.13
  • I'm so sick of hearing from people who think the 1st Amendment protects you from being publicly shamed and humiliated.
    Exactly. He's allowed to say whatever he wants and we're allowed to hate him, shame him and make his life a living hell.
  • It was my cousin's husband and he is an idiot anyway. I really don't understand why this guy being held accountable for horrible comments he made has anything to do with the 1st amendment.
  • I must've rooted out all the crazy after the Duck Dynasty incident, because my feed has been all about the death of Eddie Valiant.
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