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molly bears

The registration form for Molly Bears is up for the month. I heard about them back in February but had missed the sign up each month. I just signed up for one. I don't care if it takes over a year to get him.

If you haven't heard about Molly Bears, they are weighted teddy bears made with the weight of your lost child. Here's the link to the website
Abigail Grace 9/7/10
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Re: molly bears

  • I cant wait to get mine :)

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  • I just ordered two, one for Conner and one for Benjamin.  I cannot wait.  I know that the wait list is long (over a year) but I'm still excited.  Thanks for the reminder!
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  • stefugestefuge member
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    Just to share - there is a similar non profit called a heart to hold ( who make weighted hearts (similar to the Molly bears). They just reopened their list for this month since they had more space. We requested one of these because we already have a bear for Colton that we were given at the hospital but I liked the idea of being able to feel his weight again. Can't wait to get mine!

    ETA: the wait on the hearts is about 6 weeks.
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  • I ordered a heart right after my loss. It shipped today. I can't wait to hold it!
  • Thank you so much for this information!!  I ordered a Molly bear last month but I would love to have something that I am able to hold sooner.

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  • erinelerinel member
    Thanks for the reminder! I wanted to order in feb and March, but forgot.

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  • I know it's not the same but if you wanted one and were ok paying for it, there is another place I found that will custom make weighted dolls... It's
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