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Best Bottom Training pants

Can anyone comment on these?  We are looking to start really working on pt with DS, and I"m wondering if they are worth the expense.  I'm leaning towards ordering them, but I'd like to hear from someone who's actually used them first, if possible.   Will they last through more than one child?  How well do they catch messes.  Are they good for naps or only while awake?  

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Re: Best Bottom Training pants

  • I asked this a while back and did not get many positive responses.  Possibly not any positive responses.  The consensus seemed to be that they weren't absorbent at all and that they would not buy them again.
    I didn't follow your instructions (I haven't actually used them) but I'm a rebel like that.
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  • I hated them.  They weren't absorbent at all AND I found them to be cheaply made.  I would not buy again not recommend them...which is sad sad because I must confess I love best bottom dipes.
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