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Eating Question - me again


I hope it is ok if I post here. My son is currently awaiting testing. Early intervention is not sure if he is Autism Spectrum or not. I wanted to list his foods that he eats. I hope that is ok. Any feedback would be great. Let me also add he will not try any cupcakes, soda, juice, or candy.

Veggie Burgers, hotdogs, pasta, grilled cheese, waffles, pizza (only the kind I make) Peanut butter, vanilla or chocolate icecream, fudgecicles, milk, chocolate munchkins, pirates booty, goldfish, cheezits, baked Cheetos, toast, veggie sticks, cheerios, kix, cool ranch doritos, squeezy yogurts(only straw/banana), granola and blueberry/banana smoothy, peas, carrots, corn, peaches, mandarine oranges.

This is all he will eat. I noticed that most of the things are orange or yellow color. Not sure if that is a problem or not.

Any feedback would be great. Thank you

Re: Eating Question - me again

  • Sounds like a fairly typical diet for a kid on the spectrum.
    I will say that the fact that he will only eat your pizza is a red flag. he is set on one form of that food which is concerning. 
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  • Thanks for responding!!!Do you mind me asking what stands out? He eats my pizza and some frozen pizza
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  • What stands out is kids on the spectrum tend to be very rigid in what they are ok with so the fact that he will eat only your pizza but not different pizzas stands out. 

    For example my daughter will eat 2 types of chicken nuggets, McD's and Tyson. Any other version she refuses without a great deal of prompting. She simply does not recognize them as 'ok' because to her they do not match her definition of chicken nuggets.
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  • oh ok I see...thank you!!
  • No problem ask away if you have more questions
    And that is not necessarily what's going with your son, it's just that is a particular issue we have so it jumped out at me. 
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