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Need help with eating question.

I was just wondering what to look for in terms of being a picky eater and ASD. My son is currently waiting to get evaluated. He is an extremely picky eater. I was just wondering what it is to look for? Any examples would be appreciated. Thank you from a nervous mom in Boston

Re: Need help with eating question.

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    For us DD is fairly much on the typical ASD kid beige diet (she'll eat most fruits though)
    If it is a carb she will pretty much eat it if it isn't too saucy so she eats sandwiches, chicken fingers, fish sticks, popcorn shrimp, grilled cheeses, quesadilla's, pasta (oddly enough with or without sauce) etc. 
    She seems to be adding pizza to the list, but it's only been twice so we'll see. 
    Protein can be a problem so I work around it by giving her keifer and making smoothies with greek yogurt.
    There are options for working on eating issues, often OT can help as it can approach the physical aspects (chewing correctly) and the sensory (the texture/feel of the food) that can cause the food issues. 
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  • My son is a crunchy kid. He craves the sensory input he gets from crunchy foods. He also has low tone in his mouth but we are doing oral motor feeding therapy and it has helped. He mostly eats pretzels, waffles, bread, lots of peanut butter, granola bars, gold fish, dry cereal, sometimes pasta, chips, and I make frozen fruit pops for him. Eating is always a struggle. My son did his oral motor therapy through a speech therapist who specializes in feeding.

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