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Help me decide what to buy!!- FTM

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I'm already buying a infant starter pack from a store in the area to get me through until 3 mos- but from there on out I am just at a loss. I want a mixture of prefolds and covers/ AIO- but brand wise and how many to get of each I am just at a loss.  My thoughts right now are to aim for 30 diapers - maybe 4 or 5 AIO ( i will be using prefolds and covers at home primarily) and the rest in prefolds-- how many covers would you recommend for that? And do you recommend getting all the same brand covers or different brands?
I also need help with what kind of AIO brand you recommend- I don't have any ideas on this one.
for prefolds I'm looking at Buttons, Sweet Pea, Best Bottoms, and Blueberry.
I'm open to any and all recommendations on this, I am the first person I know to be doing cloth diapers, so its very hard to figure all this out!!! Thanks in advance!!

Re: Help me decide what to buy!!- FTM

  • I think stringy gave you the best answer I could think of.
  • I agree with what stringy said too, but wanted to add that my favorite prefolds are Green Mountain Diapers Clotheez (GMD) followed closely by Sweet Pea.  Imagine and Osocozy are also good. 

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  • What is in the infant starter pack you got? Is it all nb size? Are they all the same type of diaper?

    For prefolds I would recommend either GMD, imagine, or just the no brand Indian cotton prefolds. I have all three and really can't tell a difference except the Indian cotton ones were almost half the price of GMD, just make sure that they are at least 4x8x4 layers.

    For covers, I love the two sized systems, like thirsties, and Assunta with the sandwich PUL are my absolute favorite.

    As for AIOs, I don't use those much, and the only advice I have is that the thirsties AIOs are by really absorbent enough on their own, we need to use a doubler to make them work, so they may as well be a pocket. I would not recommend them unless your baby turns out to be a really light pee-er.
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  • Pretty much what everyone has said. But obviously the right answer is to buy everything.

  •  Thanks for all the advice guys!! The starter pack I'm buying comes in either newborn or infant size (i'm thinking of going with infant size so they last longer even if they are a little bulky at first) and they are just prefolds with thirsties covers. 
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