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Choking while bottle feeding..anyone else?

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Re: Choking while bottle feeding..anyone else?

  • Will doesn't, but we have done a swallow study. It's pretty interesting and very uneventful for the babies. If you go that route, don't worry about it!
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  • My LO does this often, usually when she's really hungry and trying to eat quickly and breathe at the same time. She'll also make a funny noise like she's sucking air in and that's when she usually chokes, it like yours a.couple coughs and she's fine. I just figured she's still getting used to breathing and swallowing and just has a hard time doing both at times.
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  • J does this sometimes with his bottles in the middle of the night. If he's still sleepy he just gums the nipple and I think because he's not sucking he doesn't swallow and the milk runs down his throat, making him gasp and then cough for a second. I just try to sit him up straight when I feed him and take the bottle out of his mouth if I notice he's chewing on the nipple.

    I never thought to ask the pedi about it, I wasn't concerned because it doesn't happen every time and he eats fine and is happy afterwards. FWIW it happens on both the number one and number two nipples.
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  • Don't worry about the radiation if try do a swallow test. Everyone always worries about radiation when it comes to radiology tests but in reality the amount if raid too you are exposed to in a single study is very minimal, you actually get exposed to more being out in the sun then from the test. I have dealt with so many patients that are alway so concerned with radiation exposure but you have to think that the benefit of having the test to make sure LO is ok out ways the minimal exposure to radiation they are getting
  • Yeah, don't worry about the radiation. Haha, Will has had sooo many x-rays and scans. The only time we got concerned was when he was supposed to have chest x-rays every 6 hours. We ended up taking a break b/c that was getting excessive for such a small guy. 
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  • Yeah LO does this sometimes as well,.. Once he really choked and scared the crap out of me. Now we have a routine where we take the bottle away for a few moments, just so he can breath and digest better before eating some more.
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    You could try a different nipple in case the slow flow isn't slow enough.  I know the Medela slow flow nipples we have are super fast.
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  • Yes this happens with us constantly. She's trying to guzzle like a lumberjack and the slow flow nipple is just too slow for her. It also happens sometimes when she stops to catch her breath. Scary when she starts choking but she recovers quickly. I'm thinking it's a "suck liquid down the wrong side" that we as adults experience sometimes.
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