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2nd let down?

Hi everyone!

So i usually feel my first let down when I pump and because there is milk stored, it comes out pretty fast for the first 5-7 minutes. Then it slows to just a little trickle and stays that way until i hit 15 minutes. Sometimes it seems like nothing is coming out but it does because the amount increases. 

How do i know if i'm getting a second let down?

Would it come out quickly or trickle? Woule I definitely feel it? 

I'm getting enough milk but just curious. 

Rachel (a.k.a. The Analytical Mommy.com and @analyticalmommy on IG)
I'm just trying to make sense of things :-) 

Re: 2nd let down?

  • I EBF (no pumping). I can't feel my let down but my LC said yesterday it's went it comes out real fast and the baby has to gulp really quickly and will often gag on the speed. This happens twice for me during a feeding. It always happens at the beginning and at about the 10 minute mark.
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  • Thanks!! I always thought when he gagged it was OAL... good to know!
    Rachel (a.k.a. The Analytical Mommy.com and @analyticalmommy on IG)
    I'm just trying to make sense of things :-) 
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  • I pump 20 minutes and get 2-3 let-downs. I know because I get a sudden flow of milk after pumping trickles of milk. Usually my 2nd let-down is around 8 minutes in and my 3rd let-down around 16-17 minutes in.

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