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AW Wednesday

Post 'em up!

First is a canvas I painted when I was PG. Added the wood letters today in her monogram initials and hung over her crib. Second is a poem my grandma wrote her. She writes one for all babies, including when I was born. The last is a collage of pics. Got the frame for about $5 on sale at Michael's.

Trying to get LO's area all decorated since I decided she is going to stay in dining room and not have my bedroom be her room. Her stuffed animals from everyone have taken over her crib so I ordered one of those tacky hammock things for the corner so she can start using her crib. 

I also had everyone sign an autograph mat at my shower with sweet words for her. I framed that and the 5x7 comes tomorrow from Shutterfly. 

Post pics when done.  

PCOS // Loss 3/2010 // Single Mom // Natural Birth // DC Metro // Baby Girl Born 2/2/2014
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